Class IV Laser: How many treatments do I need?

Class IV Laser: How many treatments do I need?

The answer to “how many Class IV laser treatments do I need?” can be complicated based on your unique case history and complaints.

An acute condition may only need 3-6 treatments.

Conditions that are more chronic may need 10-15 or even up to 20 treatments to receive the full benefits.

Conditions such as some types of severe arthritis benefit from ongoing care.

Just as with the hands-on manual therapy, some patients notice an improvement after their first laser treatment. Some patients feel an aggravation to their area that improves within a day or two. And sometimes it can take several treatments before an improvement is noticed. This does not mean that it’s not working, simply that your body takes more stimulation and time to reduce pain.

Treatments are cumulative, meaning that each laser session builds on each other, and that the timing of the treatments is critical to ensure you get the most out of each laser treatment in Lakewood Ranch.

Sessions are usually scheduled 2-3 times a week to start, then twice a week, then weekly. Since they only take 5-10 minutes (depending on the size of the areas treated) we should be able to find a convenient time to work this investment into your schedule.

Often patients will come to me for medical massage wanting help in more than one area. Depending on the complaints, it is often best to treat each area separately so that healing can be maximized. Knees with arthritis will both be treated as one treatment; a shoulder that refers into the wrist might have both areas treated; however a lower back and neck, or plantar fasciitis and headache would be two separate treatments.

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