Class IV Laser: Scientific treatment or woo?

Class IV Laser: Is it proven to work?

There are thousands of studies published which demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of Laser Therapy. Over 100 of these are the kind of rigorously controlled scientific studies that demonstrate and document the effectiveness of laser for a myriad of conditions.

Laser therapy is offered in many chiropractic practices, physical therapy clinics, Sports Medicine clinics, dental offices, and veterinary clinics, and is utilized by many major sports teams. It is an FDA-approved therapy. 

I admit, when I first heard about Class IV Laser, I was skeptical. I worked for a physician who decided to purchase a unit in his Bradenton chiropractic office.

After receiving many hours of training to become a Certified Class IV Laser Technician in 2011, I lost some of my skepticism as I learned in depth physiological information about how class IV lasers work.

Then we started treating patients with it, as well as each other. We were seeing huge improvements in a short amount of time. I became convinced that this technology could be life-changing for some patients and watched dozens (possibly hundreds; I don’t have a list since leaving the position) of patients experience pain relief and increased speed of healing.

I vowed that one day I too would offer the technology to my Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage patients.

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