Coming Soon: CBD Oil Massage in Bradenton, Florida!

Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage, located in Bradenton, Florida just one exit north of Sarasota and a few blocks west of Lakewood Ranch, will be one of the very first massage therapy clinics to offer the option of CBD oil and CBD salve during your massage.

Each summer Lizz Pugh, LMT chooses a different fun menu for regulars as well as new massage clients to enjoy during off-season.

This summer we’ll be launching a “Mad Science Massage” menu, exclusive to Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage, that will include the ability to add special “Alchemical” potions to your therapy as well as invoke various “Elements” (such as fire, stone, water, etc.) into your massage session as well. Each client will receive a refreshing post-massage (non-alcoholic) concoction to sip.

Once the Mad Science Menu is programmed into Massage Book (expected to launch May 15, 2017) you can book online at or call/text 941-321-5311 to book your magical appointment.


(Note: CBD Oil and Salve is derived from Hemp, not marijuana, and has no psychoactive components. It is currently legal in all 50 states.)