It’s getting hot in here! What’s even BETTER than Hot Stones!

Coming Soon: Synergy Stone Upgrades

Your muscles love heat, and using soothing heat in conjunction with my special manual therapy techniques can mean a decadent medical massage/pain relieving experience where we accomplish even more than we usually do during our time.

I have used hot stone massage techniques in the past, but standard hot stone treatments are basically glorified river rocks heated up in a re-purposed crock pot.

They don’t hold heat very long at all, it’s a wet mess, it’s noisy, and it means a LOT of hands-off time during your session while your therapist futzes around changing out stones.

They’re a pain in the butt for the therapist and can be distracting for the client. (Note: even with that said, receiving a hot stone massage is still one of my all time favorite treatments! I just make sure to book a longer one so I don’t “miss” the hands-on time.)

The Synergy Stones are specially HAND-MADE stoneware, created by an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, and are shaped for exactly the kind of work I do. (You know, the stuff that helps you feel better AND function better!)

Not only that, but they have a WATERLESS heating system. So less distracting clunking noises!

Each hand-crafted stone is about the equivalent of six standard basalt stones, holds heat for up to 15 minutes, and again, is shaped to allow me to provide an effective and precise treatment. This is definitely NOT your grandmother’s hot stone treatment!


I will be integrating the Synergy Stones into my treatments over the next two months and will be giving FREE tastes to my patients over that time.

If you haven’t been in for awhile, I still have a few appointments left in the first two weeks of January. Book online at or call/text 941-321-5311

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