Massage at 2017 Tattoo Fest

Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage will be offering massage therapy services at the 2017 Tattoo Fest at the Bradenton Area Convention Center, March 16-19th!

(Are you a local tattoo artist? You must check this out here.)

tattoofestannouncement Who can register to receive a massage?

Any attendees, vendors, volunteers, cosplayers, etc. who are sober and 18+ (or 2+ and have a parent/guardian PRESENT).

What kinds of massages will be available?

I (Lizz Pugh, LMT) will be offering consultations and customized treatments for tattoo artists and apprentices.

My team of licensed massage therapists will be offering a variety of modalities for everyone.

Both seated chair massage and clothed table massage will be available.

You can choose whether you’d like to relax, get specific work done for pain relief, or enjoy a mixture of the two.

Massages will be available from 10-45 minutes and appointments can be made onsite.

Upgrades for hot stone massage and hot stone chair massage, massage cupping, and ROCK Tape will be available.

Who shouldn’t get a massage?

If your doctor feels a medical condition would make massage therapy unsafe for you, please listen to your physician’s advise. Pregnant women may get massage however will need to fill out a prenatal release. Anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not receive massage and will be turned away. Certain medical conditions should not receive massage cupping or hot stone work. If you are receiving a tattoo at Tattoo Fest, you should get your massage first, or wait at least an hour after your tattoo ends before you get a massage, and avoid getting work over the area you had freshly tattooed.

How much will the massage cost?

This area will be updated as my therapists commit to the event and our exclusive Tattoo Fest massage menu is created. Gratuities for your personal massage therapist at Tattoo Fest are encouraged. (Some tattoo artists who are local to the Sarasota/Bradenton area can get a free massage!)

What products will be available?

Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage offers a variety of self-care items to help you Carry Your Healing Forward Between Treatments.

The Stick and The Trigger Wheel both allow you to maintain your muscles in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Hot/Cold packs are an important part of any first aid regimen.
Pillowise Pillows are custom-made for your unique measurements and will be shipped to your home.
Real Time Pain Relief is a analgesic muscle rub with many benefits.

Who is Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage?

Please visit the rest of my Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage site to find out more. In a nutshell, I am Lizz Pugh, LMT and I do things differently from the very first visit. I specialize in helping you Reclaim Your Comfort. I am located off of State Road 70 and Braden Run in Bradenton, FL (minutes from Lakewood Ranch and just one exit from Sarasota, Florida.) I offer manual therapy (soft tissue neuromuscular massage therapy), laser therapy, microcurrent, and other pain-relieving techniques to help you feel AND function better and get back to living the life you love.