Why is this the BEST holiday present I’ve gotten so far this year?

You may not be excited by the prospect of baking a loaf of bread from scratch, but my client was. 

For someone with long-term injury and chronic pain, this can be a challenge. Previously during her care she’d had a flare up from a very small amount of whisking. For her to be able to assemble pumpkin bread FROM SCRATCH and BY HERSELF was a huge breakthru.

Here’s what it took:

1) Learning new habits and then implementing them. She had to learn to warm up appropriately, take breaks, use good body mechanics, and then treat herself afterwards.This was not the first time she’d practiced these new patterns, but it was like the Olympic event that showed how much work she had done up until then.
2) Calming down her nervous system so that she can do more without a “five alarm fire” reaction each time. I believe the Prism Full Body Laser Pod had A LOT to do with this because she’s seem that in falling, working long hours, and other things that normally would be a HUGE set back.
3) Making some physical changes in the soft tissues; mostly thru stimulation of the neurological system. Did you know that neuro-muscular therapy works a LOT more by sensory input into the brain and NOT “mashing” the dumb steaks that are your muscles? (Everyone’s muscles are dumb steaks; that was a statement and not an insult. Unless you want to take it as an insult, then please see item #1 and consider looking at #3 differently.) By helping her tissues regain their function and reducing her overall pain level, this allowed her to have a better quality of life.

Celebratory Lumps:

How imperfection became a huge celebration in just a few moments of talking.
“I’m so sorry if there are lumps,” she said as she told me about my hand-made present. (Free, of course, from peanuts, as she knows I’m severely allergic–a fact that she remembered and in and of itself made me feel warm and appreciative.) “But that’s not the big deal, let me tell you about how I made it…”
We proceeded to celebrate and hug and cheer because SHE MADE IT HERSELF.
So I said, “If I find a lump of flour, don’t worry. It’s a CELEBRATORY LUMP!”

Falling off the Bike:

Remember back when you learned how to ride a bike. Sometimes, you fell off. As you got better at it, you fell less. That doesn’t mean that you will NEVER FALL AGAIN. No, you still can take a tumble.
When you’re learning new habits and patterns, you have to give yourself the leeway to realize that flare-ups during treatment are NORMAL. We say that, but I feel the need to explain it. Not only is it normal for EVERYBODY, it’s literally a HUGE PART OF THE PROCESS!
When a baby is learning how to roll over, you celebrate. I remember exactly where I was and who I was with when my daughter (now a day or so away from turning 11) had the closest to rolling over she ever had, before she actually rolled over. It was exciting. After she became more used to rolling over, sitting up, etc., she tried to go from crawling to running! And she fell. I never EVER doubted that she was learning how to do what she needed to do… slip ups, spills, and accidents are a large part of the PROCESS.
Sometimes we need someone to help us learn how to be just a tad more patient and kind to ourselves. I hope this client’s breakthru will help you do just that.
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