This article from the Science of Massage Institute looked at a failed surgery that had been complicated by chronic infection and how medical massage could help.

This case study was written up by Curt Lezanic, CMMP, LMT, San Antonio.

A 78-year old female presented in his office with complaints of drastically limited shoulder motion following a 15-year old total shoulder replacement.

She had a rare allergic reaction to a chemical used as a cement in the surgery. They were able to stop the bone infection, however the patient completely lost movement in fingers, hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder on her right side. As a right handed person, this complicated her life.

This therapist was able to greatly increase strength, range of motion, and control of motion and hopes to continue to help this client improve. The pictures in this article are great and I recommend you check them out.

I recently posted a before and after photo of my own from Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage on our Facebook page of how just one session increased range-of-motion in a frozen shoulder client.

If you know someone with shoulder issues who lives in the Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch area of Florida, please think of us for medical massage. If you have shoulder issues, call today 941-676-3433×0.