Reducing Visceral Fat with Vibration Plate Training

Vibration Plate  Training Can Reduce Abdominal Fat in Overweight and Obese Adults

Study conclusions:

One of the biggest health issues for obese people is visceral (or abdominal) fat. Visceral fat is the fat tissue between the organs in the abdomen. It is a major health concern because there is a strong correlation between high levels of visceral fat and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Adding vibration plate training to a hypocaloric diet can help to achieve a SUSTAINED LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS and can reduce visceral adipose tissue in obese adults MORE than aerobic exercise alone.

This is a summary of a study published in Obesity Facts. The European Journal of Obesity.Vol. 3(2). 2010.

By Vissers, D., A. Verrijken, I. Mertens, C. van Gils, A. van de Sompel, S. Truijen, and L. van GaalUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium