Tattoo Artists: Get a FREE Massage at Tattoo Fest 2017

Are you a local tattoo artist from the Sarasota/Bradenton/Parrish/Palmetto area?

If so, you and your team of local tattoo artists may qualify to receive a FREE massage from Lizz Pugh, LMT at Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage’s booth at Tattoo Fest.

Now, you don’t HAVE to schedule your free massage with me. I will have several other therapists offering clothed chair and table massage at the convention to attendees and vendors for a fee, and you will be able to schedule a paid session with them at any open time they have. They’ll also have fun upgrades like cupping and hot stone massage.

I’m a specialist, and I want you to get to know how I can personally help you and your fellow local artists with the most common aches and pains that tattoo artists are subjected to.

As an industry, tattooing puts you at risk for hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain. You are in awkward bent-over positions for hours and hours at a time. I specialize in helping professionals just like you learn how to perform self-care between clients to reduce symptoms and help prevent future issues. My hands-on work can help speed up the process. After all, you LOVE being paid to do art, and you want to do it for many more years, right?

a tattoo artist with pain in various body parts

If you’d like to receive information on exactly how to sign up for your free massage appointment at 2017 Tattoo Fest, sign up below. I won’t sell your information, and you won’t receive useless spam from me. I have special newsletters just for tattoo artists that will help you with valuable tips and techniques from time to time. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Full disclosure: Why am I doing this? I want more tattoo artists as clients. I work on a lot of service-based people in similar physical situations. Dental professionals, hair stylists, and tattoo artists all have a high cost to their body for what they do. I have built a thriving, successful practice on helping people feel and function better so that they can do what they love to do most.

At Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage (located in Bradenton, FL just off Braden Run and State Road 70, a couple lights away from Lakewood Ranch and one exit up from Sarasota) I offer truly custom massage therapy sessions that are different from day 1. Please check out the rest of my massage therapy website for more information about what services I offer and how I can help.