Underwear: On or Off?

Should you leave your underwear on? Take it off? What does “Undress to your Comfort Level” really mean?

First off – if you panic at the thought of being completely undressed on the massage table LEAVE YOUR UNDERWEAR ON. You are not required to remove it for a massage in our Lakewood Ranch office. It is 100% your decision and your choice at all times.

Reasons to leave your underwear on:

  • You are uncomfortable with taking them off for a massage
  • The session will be using a lot of stretching during the massage and you need them for modesty
  • You are dealing with incontinence and need to leave them on
  • You are dealing with menstruation and need to leave them on
  • You are recovering from child birth, or surgery and need to leave them on
  • You have any type of contagious skin condition (herpes, pin worms, staph infection, etc)
  • You just don’t want to take them off
  • And to repeat,¬†you want to keep them on

Reasons to take them off:

  • The massage therapist has more direct access to the skin at the top and bottom of your hips.
  • The licensed massage therapy provider has more options to treat the gluteal area to help with back and hip pain
  • The LMT can use longer, more connected strokes during a relaxation massage

What happens regardless:

  • You will be draped during the therapeutic massage with a sheet or towel to keep the 50 yard line and bits in front covered at all times
  • Your massage therapist will only touch you in a way that facilitates muscle improvement (we only do therapeutic, legitimate massage here)
  • Your manual therapist will only touch areas that you consent to having touched; you should get glute work, but you are not required to
  • You should feel comfortable and draft-free at all times during the entire massage

If you have questions about massage therapy draping, please leave a comment!

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