Which do I need: medical massage or integrative massage therapy?

Medical Massage or Integrative Massage? Which do I need?

There are few medical massage specialists in the Lakewood Ranch/Sarasota area, so few consumers understand the difference between “a massage” and a rehabilitative-focused treatment plan.

This blog post will help you figure out if you need to see someone like me, Lizz Pugh, or if you should work with my team of massage therapists instead.

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A few questions to see if you need medical massage.

Question 1: Are you a patient with a medical condition that requires a massage therapist who has invested in additional education? 

This includes cancer patients who seek oncology massage, first trimester pregnancy massage or high-risk pregnancy, clients with conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis, clients with osteoporosis, and so forth. It could also be clients who need to take medications such as strong pain killers or muscle relaxers on a regular basis. This also includes clients with PTSD, severe anxiety, and past traumas that need a safe space with a very patient therapist.

Question 2: Are you preparing for or recovering from a surgical procedure?

This includes treatment for scar tissue from previous surgeries. (Did you know I do THREE free scar treatments for cancer survivors, victims of violent assault, and post gender confirming surgery?)

Question 3: Are you suffering from a dysfunction in your meat suit and are looking for specific help to overcome it? 

This includes pain conditions such as migraines and back pain, loss of range of motion, loss of function, nerve issues, etc.

If the answer to any of the above is yes… you may benefit from working with a medical massage specialist such as Lizz Pugh, LMT of Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage. 

The ideal client for Lizz:

  • Is ready and able to commit to a treatment program lasting 4-6 weeks for mild to moderate problems and up to 12 weeks for severe issues. OR
  • Sees me 1-2 times to get a good handle on what would be most beneficial, then see my team. I work closely with them on my clients so that they can align with the goals you and I set together.
  • Wants education and empowerment so that they have the tools to carry their healing forward between visits and in times of future pain.
  • Understands it will be part recovery (getting out of pain) as well as working to function and feel better long-term.
  • Is willing to do some work at home between appointments. Self massage and gentle exercises are an example.
  • Does NOT want a cookie-cutter assembly line massage.
  • Wants a relationship with an expert who will be part of their long term “team”.

A few questions to see if you should work with my integrative therapeutic massage team.

Question 4: Do you want a therapeutic massage that is customized and includes some degree of relaxation or spa-type massage?

If the answer to that last question was yes, then you’ll want my team.

My licensed massage therapists are both fabulous at what they do and are patient and compassionate. If you want to take an hour (or longer) vacation, then I highly recommend them.

I (Lizz) have only done medical massage since 2010. Prior to that, since graduating in 2003, I had focused on headaches, neck pain, and TMJ dysfunction, but had seen a wide mix of massage therapy clients for a range of problems. I no longer offer spa-type work with the small exception of clients who NEED a practitioner with my level of training to improve the safety of their treatment.

If you don’t care about your therapist’s level of experience, then I recommend supporting the students at the massage school’s student clinic instead. For just $35 you get a full body massage. They cannot legally accept tips, so it’s truly $35.

I hope this helped. Book your massage online today or call 941-676-3433.